Soft Skill Course on Science of Climate Change and Climate Action - Spring 2021

"Science of Climate Change and Climate Actions" is a new soft skill course at the University of Bologna. It is available to be included in the study plan of any student at Unibo (but please do not miss the deadline for presenting your study plan).

It will be taught in English for a total of 24 hours (3 credits) in the second semester, by me and other expert colleagues from other Departments. Details are given here. Access will given to a limited number of students.

The study plan is as follows:

  • Climate history: observed data, proxy data, climatic variability (glaciations, solar activity, climate cycles);
  • Advanced techniques for environmental monitoring;
  • Climate physics and modeling;
  • Modeling of climate related processes: water cycle and natural hazards;
  • Environmental economics;
  • Solutions for climate change mitigation;
  • Solutions for climate change adaptation;
  • Climate analysis with open data and open software.

Lectures will be given from February 17 to May 3rd (included) on Monday from 15:30 to 18:30 in room 6.2 at the Campus of Engineering and Architecture in Via del Risorgimento 2 - Bologna.

Emphasis will be given to the concept of sustainability with an innovative and coordinated approach.
For any additional information please email me.

Thank you for your interest.