Lecture notes for Science of Climate Change and Climate Actions 2024

"Science of Climate Change and Climate Actions" is a soft skill course at the University of Bologna. It will be taught in English for a total of 24 hours (3 credits) in the second semester, by me and other expert colleagues. Details are given here. Access is given to a maximum number of 200 students. The study plan is as follows:

  • Climate history: observed data, proxy data, climatic variability (glaciations, solar activity, climate cycles);
  • Advanced techniques for environmental monitoring;
  • Climate physics and modeling;
  • Modeling of climate related processes: water cycle and natural hazards;
  • Solutions for climate change mitigation;
  • Solutions for climate change adaptation;
  • Climate analysis with open data and open software.

Lectures will be given from February 19 to April 29 (included) on Monday from 14:30 to 17:30 in room "Aula Magna" at the Campus of Engineering and Architecture in Via del Risorgimento 2 - Bologna. Lectures will be delivered both in physical presence and in streaming. Simultaneous translation in Italian will be provided during the streaming, in the permanent Zoom room of the course, with meeting ID 81670520965 and password 545351.

Lectures will include a set of seminars within an interdisciplinary setting, given by distinguished professors and experts on the related topics, according to the following calendar:

  • Monday 19 February 14:30-17:30, Room Aula Magna.
  • Monday 26 February 14:30-17:30, Room Aula Magna.
  • Monday 4 March 14:30-17:30, Room Aula Magna.
  • Monday 11 March 14:30-17:30, Room Aula Magna.
  • Monday 25 March 14:30-17:30, Room Aula Magna.
  • Monday 8 April 14:30-17:30, Room Aula Magna.
  • Monday 29 April 14:30-17:30, Room Aula Magna.
  • Monday 6 May 14:30-17:30, Room Aula Magna.

Emphasis will be given to the concept of sustainability with an innovative and coordinated approach.

Tutorial documents

The tutorials for the course will be delivered in the form of open web pages, open media and freely accessible videos of all the lectures, for the sake of developing academic education through fully open information. Tutorials will be updated while teaching through collaborative work with the students (see below). Tutorial web pages for the lectures (provisional list):

The above tutorials are also available on the official Moodle platform of the University of Bologna at virtuale.unibo.it (direct link to the course), that is accessible with student's credentials.

Videos of the lectures

The videos of the lectures are available at the link below: Playlist of Science of Climate Change and Climate Actions 2024. Videos will be made available within one week after the lecture.


Learning outcome will be assessed through an online examination (quiz). The quiz will have a duration of 30 minutes with 30 questions, that are related to the topics that are taught during the lectures and are described in the supporting documents. Questions will be with multiple answers, only one of them is correct and there is no penalty for wrong answers. The highest score (30/30) is reserved to students who demonstrate excellent knowledge of the notions. The laude is reserved to students who demonstrate exceptional performances. Exam dates will be fixed in agreement with the students at the beginning of the course. Exam will take place in the Laboratory 2, Via del Risorgimento 2, Bologna, ground floor. Exam dates are (starting time is sharp, ending time is flexible depending on the number of students):

  • June 10, from 2 pm to 6 pm;
  • June 27, from 2 pm to 6 pm;
  • July 15, from 9 am to 1 pm.
Contact details of the teacher and individual clarifications

The teacher is available to provide clarifications on request, by receiving individual students or groups. Teacher can be contacted by email and will receive students after the lectures.