1st Workshop on "Novel hydrological concepts for the engineering practice", Bologna, September 29, 2021

The Workshop "Novel hydrological concepts for the engineering practice" has taken place in Bologna on September 29, 2021. It has been organised to celebrate the degree Honoris Causa in Environmental Engineering that has been awarded by the University of Bologna to Günter Blöschl. The emergency due to COVID19 imposed a severe restriction to the number of attendants and therefore the audience was not large. The success of the initiative suggested to repeat the workshop in the future to give the opportunity to a more extended audience to discuss the important topics related to scientific dissemination and technology transfer.

Motivation Hydrological sciences is making rapid progress in better understanding hydrological processes through data analyses and modelling approaches. However, not all of this understanding is directly transferred to the engineering practice, where novel methods are urgently needed to underpin fact-based decision making in water resources and risk management. An effort is therefore needed to develop and communicate novel hydrological concepts for the engineering-practice.

Aim and Topic The aim of the workshop is to bring together hydrologists to discuss how novel scientific findings and methods can assist decision making of environmental engineers in water resources management, land management and hazard planning, addressing the challenges of the modern society. Topics include floods and droughts under environmental change and linkages to societal processes. The participants are encouraged to take a broader look at the water and land management problem to contribute sustainable management solutions in a complex, environmental-societal system.



Group picture at the "Complesso Monumentale di San Giovanni in Monte"