Paper on Science Advances: Why the 2022 Po River drought is the worst in the past two centuries

The paper "Why the 2022 Po River drought is the worst in the past two centuries" by myself, Hung Nguyen, Sara Rubinetti, Serena Ceola, Stefano Galelli, Angelo Rubino and Davide Zanchettin has been just published by Science Advances. The paper is open access.

The study focuses on the extreme drought that in 2022 hit the Po River basin and attempts to understand its drivers.

This has been an amazing experience for me. The study was originated by a tweet that I posted in summer 2022: 

Fun fact: this project originated from a Twitter thread. Last year I saw this post by @almontanari and told @GalelliStefano that we should get in touch. Stefano made the bridge, Alberto gathered a team, and one year + 3 revisions later, we have this paper!

— Nguyen Tan Thai Hung (@Hung_TT_Nguyen) August 9, 2023

The tweet stimulated the aggregation of a group of authors who never worked together before. Working with them has been interesting and exciting, it has been a confirmation that interdisciplinarity is very rewarding. See the whole Twitter thread here.

Thank you for your interest.