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In Spring 2004 our research group activated at the  University of Bologna a Working Group within the IAHS Decade on  Prediction in Ungauged Basins (PUB). The proposal for the Working  Groupcan be downloaded  here.
The members of the working group are:
1.  Alberto Montanari, University of Bologna (associate professor, main  contact of the Group), Faculty of Engineering
2.  Armando Brath, University of Bologna (full professor), Faculty of  Engineering
3.  Ezio Todini, University of Bologna (full professor), Faculty of  Geology
4.  Betül Saf, Pamukkale University (Assistant Professor)
5.  Attilio Castellarin, University of Bologna (assistant professor),  Faculty of Engineering
6.  Elena Toth, University of Bologna (assistant professor), Faculty of  Engineering
7.  Luigia Brandimarte, UNESCO-IHE (lecturer)
8.  Giuliano Di Baldassarre, UNESCO-IHE (lecturer)
A first description of the activities developed within PUB is contained  in a paper  which was published on the book Hydrological risk, recent advances  in peak river flow modelling, prediction and real-time forecasting -  Assessment of the impact of land-use and climate change, edited by Armando Brath, Alberto Montanari and Elena Toth, which was published  by Bios in 2004. A similar <a href=> >paper</a> was recently published on HESS. The main activities of the Working Group can be summarised in the  following points:

1) Rainfall runoff modeling for ungauged basins (see the AFFDEF paper).

2) Derivation of the flood frequency distribution via simulation studies  (see the above HESS paper).

3) Uncertainty assessment in rainfall-runoff modeling (see the paper on  the meta-Gaussian  approach for uncertainty assessment that was published on Water  Resources Research, Volume 40, 1201, doi: 10.1029/2003WR002540, 2004.

4) Estimation of the minimum environmental flow downstream water  withdrawals in natual rivers (see the paper  that was published on the Proceedings of the 29° Italian Conference on  Hydraulics and Hydraulc Works, Trento, 7-10 September 2004, edited by  Bios, Vol. 3, 313-320, 2004.

5) Analysis of the spatial distribution of hillslope failures depending  on the geometrical behaviours of the river network (see the paper  that was published on the Geological Society of America Bullettin.

  If you wish to receive additional information about the Working Group,  please let me know.

Alberto Montanari
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