Alberto Montanari
Professor of Hydraulic Works and Hydrology
Department DICAM - Faculty of Engineering - University of Bologna
Via del Risorgimento 2, 40136 Bologna
E-mail: Phone: +39 051 2093356 Fax +39 051 2093140

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[6] Special Section of the scientific journal Water Resources Research, dal titolo Uncertainty assessment in surface and subsurface hydrology, edito da A. Montanari, N. van de Giesen e C. Shoemaker.


[5] Book “Hydrological Risk - Recent advances in peak river flow modelling, prediction and real-time forecasting - Assessment of the impacts of land-use and climate changes”, edited by A. Brath, A. Montanari and E. Toth, published by BIOS (Cosenza) nel 2004.

[4] Special Issue of the Journal of Hydrology, entitled “Catchment modelling: towards an improved representation of the hydrological processes in real-world model applications”, edited by A. Montanari and S. Uhlenbrook, volume 291, 2004.


[3] Special Issue of the scientific journal Physics and Chemistry of the Earth,entitled  “Hydrological Processes and Distributed Hydrological Modelling”, edited by S. Uhlenbrook, A. Montanari and J.L.M.P. De Lima, volume 28, 2003.


[2] Special Issue of the scientific journal Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, entitled “Climatic and anthropogenic effects on hydrological processes”, edited by A. Brath and A. Montanari, volume 26, 2002.


[1] Special Issue of the scientific journal Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, entitled “Predicting and Estimating Extremes of Precipitation”, edited by A. Montanari and A. Bardossy, volume 26, 2001.

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