Alberto Montanari
Professor of Hydraulic Works and Hydrology
Department DICAM - Faculty of Engineering - University of Bologna
Via del Risorgimento 2, 40136 Bologna
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Supporting material for the classes on Advanced Hydrology and Water Resources Management 2015Versione stampabile

Please find here below the slides and tutorial documents of the course on Advanced Hydrology and Water Resources Management. Please send me an e-mail if you would like to fix an appointment for further clarifications on the classes. Please note that the documents below are first copied from the past year's list and will be continuously updated as lectures go on. Therefore please check the current page once in a while. Moreover, please do not forget that the videos of the lectures are available here.

Calendar of the lectures

The calendar of the lectures will follow the official schedule. Some changes may be possible that will be communicated directly to the students and by Twitter (see my Twitter page here). Thank you very much for your interest.
Alberto Montanari

Introduction to the course

Paper on the international scientific decade 2013-2022 of IAHS

Synopsis of book on history of water supply

Water Resources Management: The case of the Emilia-Romagna region

Rainfall-runoff modeling

Additional document on Reynolds Trasport Theorem

Model calibration and validation

Powerpoint presentation on infiltration modelling

Handbook on infiltration modelling

Water resources management

Decision theory - Pairwise comparison

Decision under uncertainty 

Stochastic simulation



Introduction to R

Text of the exercise "Application of the linear reservoir rainfall-runoff model"
Rainfall and evapotranspiration data (hourly data for one year)

Text of the exercise "Calibration of the Hymod rainfall-runoff model"
R code and data for the application of the Hymod Model

Exercise on "Pairwise comparison". Text, excel file and R code for the solution.

2nd Exercise on "Pairwise comparison". Text, excel file and R code for the solution.

Text of the exercise "Stochastic simulation" and proposed R code for its solution. 

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A spatially-distributed rainfall-runoff model

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