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Tutorials Gestione delle risorse idriche M (academic year 2013-2014)Versione stampabile

Here below tutorial material for the course on "Gestione  delle risorse idriche L" is provided. They are slides covering part of the course's topics. Additional material will be given during the lectures. BE CAREFUL: The documents will be updated during the semester and therefore the students are kindly invited to visit this page once in a while.


Introduction and hydrological regimes

Rainfall-runoff models

Decision theory

Pairwise comparison

Water quality models.

Introduction to drought management

Guidelines by the Italian Governement on the identification of drought prone areas

Water Resurces Management: the case of the Emilia-Romagna region.

Rainfall-runoff modelling in the Emilia-Romagna region 

Scientific paper on the estimation of the optimal design flow for mini-hydro plants


At the link below documents elated to exercises of "Corso di Gestione delle Risorse Idriche M 2012-2013" can be downloaded. BE CAREFUL: thedocuments will be updated during the course.

Files related to the first exercise (rainfall-runoff modelling). Zip file containing the text, the data file and the R code suggested for solving the exercise.

Text of the second exercise, Data

Files related to the third exercise. Zip file containing the text, the data file and the R code suggested for solving the exercise.

Files related to the fourth exercise (water quality models). Zip file containing the text and the data file. 

Fifth exercise (Pairwise comparison). Text, excel file and R code.

Alberto Montanari
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