Alberto Montanari
Professor of Hydraulic Works and Hydrology
Department DICAM - Faculty of Engineering - University of Bologna
Via del Risorgimento 2, 40136 Bologna
E-mail: Phone: +39 051 2093356 Fax +39 051 2093140

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Conference slides

 10/01/2013 Presentation at the 2012 AGU Fall Meeting "Detecting and quantify ing non-stationarity: a look to a changing hydrology for a changing society"
 06/12/2012 Presentation of the Science Plan of the IAHS scientific decade 2013-2022 - Delft 22/25 October 2012
 24/10/2012 Tunis, Workshop on Statistical Hydrology (STAHY): my tribute to Vit Klemes and my presentation of the new scientific decade of IAHS 2013-2022
 03/09/2012 Presentation "Modeling flood change" at the workshop "Deciphering River Flood Change", Vienna, Sept 4th, 2012
 13/06/2012 Talk at EPFL - Lausanne entitled: "Uncertainty estimation in hydrology, or Stochastic physically-based modeling of uncertain hydrological systems"
 13/06/2012 The new Scientific Decade of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS). My presentations at the meeting in Nanjing, May 2012
 22/03/2012 Presentation at the XII World Water Day - Rome, Accademia dei Lincei - Hydrology of the Po River: river discharge, human impacts and extreme events (in Italian)
 01/03/2012 The water cycle: lecture at the high school at Correggio (RE) - March 1, 2012 (in Italian)

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